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Tiger Woods To Design Golf Course

If you have been wondering what Tiger Woods has been doing since his active role in playing has taken a step back of late, many would be delighted to know that he has been involved in designing golf courses of late.

His own company, TGR Design has been involved in the making of a public golf course. The design branch has been newly formed and this is a novel project that this branch is working on.

There was a tweet released last week where he stated that his design company is currently working on executing a public golf course design. Woods has been off the grid lately as there has not been news of him trying to make a comeback in the game. However, his brand does continue to evolve. TGR Design is now coming up with course designs like Bluejack National which would be in Texas and Diamante Cabo San Lucas which is located in Mexico. There is news that a public course would be added soon. In a recent interview he stated that he has been interested in designing a public course and he is happy that he is being able to do so soon. (more…)

Lydia Ko Fires Caddie Again

Lydia Ko split with her new caddie after nine events were over.

This has become news as it seems that she has developed an inability in keeping her caddies in line with her. It could also be contributed to the challenges of assisting the number one ranked lady golfer that might make it difficult for any caddie to adjust to her requirements. Gary Matthews was her latest caddie and news has come in stating that Ko would not be working with Gary Matthews. The breakup was confirmed to Randall Mell of Golf Channel by the management team of Ko.

She is nineteen years of age; it seems a volatile age when it is difficult for one to adjust to a talented golfer. She has had fourteen tour victories of the LPGA as well as won both majors. Ten of these events were with Justin Hamilton. Ko then fired Hamilton in the month of October last year. (more…)


While serving as assistant captain, Jim Furyk had been on hand to watch the defeat of Europe by USA in the Ryder’s cup.

Furyk, during a PGA Tour event at the Travelers Championship earlier this year, had become the first golfer to shoot a 58, thus earning him the nick, Mr. 58.

And speaking via, Fury had said that if offered the opportunity to become the next captain of the U.S in the Ryder’s Cup, he would accept it with both hands.

“It’s all hypothetical,”

”I haven’t had a conversation with Tiger, Phil, and Davis. I haven’t had any conversation with the PGA of America, so I don’t want to put the cart before the horse.

“That committee is in place for a reason. If they decide ’18, ’20, ’22, whenever it is, if they decide that I’m the right person, I would love to have that job.

I think everyone would. Anyone in that position would want that tap on the shoulder and that confidence that Davis was given.” (more…)

Matt Kuchar Gets A Prize Car

Sometimes players might not get what they deserve, but it definitely gets a lot sweeter when the award is given out later.

There was a wrong that was righted recently by Cadillac. The HSBC Champions event that they hosted revealed a wrong that was done to Matt Kuchar. It was later corrected and he was awarded the car that he had actually won.

Kuchar was able to get his dream Cadillac and it was definitely a sweet victory for him. He definitely feels that everything is right with the world now. The WGC-HSBC champions’ event had been held in China recently at which he had been a participant. The hole that he made in one was criticized by some experts. He was excited with the prospect of having scored it and that he would now get to have the beautiful car. (more…)

McDowell’s Golf Bag Set Up

Everyone is curious to know what is in the bag of their favorite golfer.

The golf kits carried by the players are also watched curiously by the fans who come to watch the game. If you are a fan of Irish golfer Graeme McDowell, then you will be pretty curious to know what he carries in his golf bag.

It is because of the clubs and the putters that are used by McDowell that he has improved his game and became an in-demand player. This 36 year old golfer like many other golfers carries drivers, fairway woods, irons and putters in his bag too.

The driver that he uses is the Callaway brand and in particular the OptiForce 440 with 9.5 degrees and 44.75 inches. The shaft of the driver is the 50 shaft from Mitsubishi Diamana W-series with D-3 swing weight and X-flex. The specifications of the fairway woods that McDowell uses are: Srixon Z F45 with 13 degrees and 42.5 inches as well as 17 degrees with 42 inches. The woods have Miyazaki Kusala Indigo shafts that are shorter than the standard with the X-flex and D-4 swing weight.

Graeme McDowell more than happy to play with a clear mind

Graeme McDowell is on the threshold of doing something huge in the game but those who envision a Masters flutter on the pride of Portrush must save their cash for yet another day.

This is not just that the thirty-six year old does not believe that he could not win the green jacket, but as he confronts his 9th fight with the Augusta National with the pock tissue of earlier battles still tender, he is not getting his expectations up.
Having made just 3 cuts after 8 previous tours down Magnolia Lane, he told that he still loves this. He is just there with a huge smile on his face this week, just having some fun. He has got Hilton Head and San Antonio coming up after this one and this is possibly the least of his 3 scopes. But he is okay with that; he is accepting of that. He is just playing there with an open mind this week.