McDowell’s Golf Bag Set Up

Everyone is curious to know what is in the bag of their favorite golfer.

The golf kits carried by the players are also watched curiously by the fans who come to watch the game. If you are a fan of Irish golfer Graeme McDowell, then you will be pretty curious to know what he carries in his golf bag.

It is because of the clubs and the putters that are used by McDowell that he has improved his game and became an in-demand player. This 36 year old golfer like many other golfers carries drivers, fairway woods, irons and putters in his bag too.

The driver that he uses is the Callaway brand and in particular the OptiForce 440 with 9.5 degrees and 44.75 inches. The shaft of the driver is the 50 shaft from Mitsubishi Diamana W-series with D-3 swing weight and X-flex. The specifications of the fairway woods that McDowell uses are: Srixon Z F45 with 13 degrees and 42.5 inches as well as 17 degrees with 42 inches. The woods have Miyazaki Kusala Indigo shafts that are shorter than the standard with the X-flex and D-4 swing weight.

A very good club that is in the Graeme McDowell’s club for many years is the AdamsGolf Idea a7 PNT with 22 degrees and featuring Miyazaki Kusala Indigo 83-shaft with the X-flex. The irons that he uses on tour is the SrixonZ 745 for 4 iron to the 9 iron that comes with D-3 swing weight, Golf Pride tour velvet 60 grips and Project X6.5 shafts. The Cleveland 588 RTX 58º and Cleveland 588 RTX 2.0 that are offered with ProjectX 6.5 flighted shafts are the wedges in his golf bag. The Odyssey White Hot no 7 with 34 inch width and 4 degrees loft is the putter that you will find inside McDowell’s bag. The balls that he uses are the Srixon Z-Star XV balls.