Tiger Woods To Design Golf Course

If you have been wondering what Tiger Woods has been doing since his active role in playing has taken a step back of late, many would be delighted to know that he has been involved in designing golf courses of late.

His own company, TGR Design has been involved in the making of a public golf course. The design branch has been newly formed and this is a novel project that this branch is working on.

There was a tweet released last week where he stated that his design company is currently working on executing a public golf course design. Woods has been off the grid lately as there has not been news of him trying to make a comeback in the game. However, his brand does continue to evolve. TGR Design is now coming up with course designs like Bluejack National which would be in Texas and Diamante Cabo San Lucas which is located in Mexico. There is news that a public course would be added soon. In a recent interview he stated that he has been interested in designing a public course and he is happy that he is being able to do so soon.

There was previously news surrounding Tiger Woods and him being involved in designing a course located in the southern part of Chicago. Many think that this is the public golf course that is being hinted at. It might be that the next project for him would be the course design around the Chicago lake area. Woods would be the architect consultant who would help join the two courses on the South Shore and Jackson Park. Both courses are few steps away from the Obama Presidential Center that is coming up. Let’s hope that the new career change for Tiger makes it fulfilling for him. It sure is a good way to use his experience.